Remote Healings

I have known Marilyn Murphy for many years. During this time, I have had many healing sessions and readings with her and so I have had the opportunity to take advantage of her many gifts.

When my brother, Doug who is 60 years old and lives in England went through a mental breakdown, even trying to end his own life, I called Marilyn.

I knew that she works with clients all over the world.

Marilyn and her “A-team” as she likes to call them, got to work immediately and within weeks there were signs that my brother was recovering. One thing for sure, he could now sleep through the night where he had major difficulties before. He had not slept more than a couple of hours a night over the last two years.

Since then, he has started driving, doing his artwork, which he had given up.

Now, a year later, the transformation has been amazing! He cooks, gardens, drives, and is more socially secure than he has ever been in his life. I know that he needed to be rid of attachments that have plagued him most of his life.

I am very grateful for the work that Marilyn has done for my brother. It brings me great joy to be able to converse with my brother on an almost daily basis, something that eluded us for most of our adult life.

Thank you Marilyn for the remote healings you did on my brother’s behalf from the bottom of my heart. My brother, Doug also thanks you for giving him back his life.

Mrs.Evroula Kargotis