Gifted Healer

Marilyn is truly a gifted person who’s experience has touched many lives.

I  met Marilyn in 2019 at one of her Wellness Metaphysical Fairs for a healing session; there was a instant bond and familiarity between us. It felt like I was meeting up with a very dear old friend, she thoughtfully explained everything that might take place during the healing session. Her smile, genuine warmth and compassion made me feel completely safe as she started the session.

Marilyn has provided several powerful healing sessions, in which I’ve been able to let go of some very painful burdens from my past. The healing also helped remove the stuck feeling I was experiencing in my body.  Marilyn also cleared, balanced and realigned my chakras and removed the blockages.

After each session, I felt more in tune with myself, it has most defiantly accelerated my spiritual growth and journey.

I am honored to call Marilyn my soul sister, friend and teacher.

Blessings, Jen