It happened just like she said

Marilyn has been in my life for 12 years and we are close friends.  Over these years, she has shared with me some of her insights, things she sees for me: some good, some not so good.  Some have been what she calls “red flags,” which are warnings from the spirit world.
Marilyn saw me getting in a motorcycle accident years ago and it happened just like she said.  Marilyn also warned me about an accident at work.  She saw me cutting my finger off on a machine, and that happened too just like she said.

Marilyn never met my mother before she passed.  Marilyn saw and spoke with my mother.  She knew things even I didn’t know.  I had to call my older brother and ask him questions about my mom?  Needless to say, my brother validated everything Marilyn told me that I didn’t even know.  I could tell you more stories about things we’ve shared over the years from the spirit world.  You’ll have to buy her book next year to hear more about her journey.