Remote Healing of Drug Addiction

I am so grateful and forever will be for the remote healing’s  Marilyn did for my son, without ever meeting him. We had only talked on the phone.

I shared with her the nightmare my family and I have been living  with for years. My son was Addicted to Drugs. I was afraid my son was going to take his own life as he had tried before and he was in a really bad way. We had tried everything else and nothing had worked.

I heard about Marilyn from a Co-worker. After we talked on the phone she started  work right away.  Marilyn sent her, “A Team,” of Ascended Masters, Archangels and her Special Guides and Angels to help and they did!

It took several sessions but my son is now living a sober life of happiness. He also devotes a lot of his time helping others with their addictions. This has truly been a blessing. A Thank you doesn’t  even come close in telling her our appreciation for this miracle.

The prediction she gave for my sons life was spot on! Marilyn told us my son would be helping others with their addictions and he is.  She also told us my son would be getting married and he is getting married this October 2021.

God Speed, Diane K