Readings & Parties

I have been doing  metaphysical work since I was young.  I come from a long line of Healers, Clairvoyants and intuitives. Teacher of spiritualenlightenment and organizer of the Wellness and Metaphysical Fairs in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Check out my Events page for more information on things coming up.

I am a Psychic Medium, Empath, Clairvoyant, Intuitive.

I am also a very powerful healer. I offer many different modalities.

Spirit guides my work.

I take about 45 minutes before each session, to journey inward, where I ask questions, about what it is you most need healing on at the time of your visit.

Sometimes people come to me with prexisting conditions. Sometimes they have trapped emotions that need to be released. I start by doing a body scan, then I know where I need to start.

My Services include

* Mediumship readings

*”Past Life Regression”

* “Soul Retrievals”

*Spirit Message Circles

*Healing Drumming Circles

*Group Readings

*Private Readings

*Teaching classes

*Clearing Spirits from your Home and Land

*Business Events

*Fund Raisers

*Private Parties

*Phone Readings Day or Night

* Healings- 5 types offered-Ascension, Shaman release work, Reiki, Advanced Crystal Therapy and releasing trapped Emotions. Allow 1- 1/2 hour for your healing session.

I use whatever is needed at the time of your visit.

I teach the following classes

1)How to conserve your energy & Protection for your physical body

2)DrummingCircle- Power Animal  Retrieval & Shamanic journey to the lower world.

3)Quantum Transfiguration Chamber of Light

4) Mediumship

5) Lemurian Seeds ” Hope for humanity”

6) Time traveling- Backwards and forewords in time. I can do a soul retrieval if necessary at that time. Sometimes people don’t even know they need one until they go through this process.

7) Learn how to heal yourself and your loved ones.

8) Working with the columns of Light- These columns instantly neutralize negativity. Learn how to plant them all over the planet, in your home, office, outside your home, near people you love and near negative people.

9) Healing in the Hall of Chimes.

10)Reaching the Etheric Mind. Stop dragging all of your past lives around.  Cleanse and clear your past lives starting today.

11) Healing and releasing  with the Violet flame in St. Germans temple.

I offer many classes that I don’t post. You can ask and I’ll be happy to share them with you.

Call for an appointment (414)530-5477