5 Expert Speakers talking on topics of Spiritual Enlightenment

Save the Date: Saturday, November 10th, 2018

This will be an Educational and Interactive Experience

New Berlin Ale House, 16000 W. Cleveland Ave, New Berlin, Wisconsin  53151

“South Hall ”                      Time: 11:00-4:00                  Cost: $40.00  Pay at the door

Speakers and Topics:

(1) Marilyn Murphy- Basic Ascension and the Symptoms of Ascension

(2) Anita Su Jiivana- The Importance of Nutrition in the New age

(3) Patrice (Maya)- The whole picture of the New grid for Planet Earth

(4) Kristina Bloom- Intuition 101, Managing your energy

(5) Dr.Tony Piparo- Depression and Anxiety

You might want to bring along a note book to write down information.

We will have a question and answer period after each speaker. There will be a 10 minute break after each speaker so you can stretch or use the restroom.

We will be taking a (1/2 Hr.) Lunch break after Patrice finishes her questions, so you might want to order lunch ahead of time, around 1:30

Lunch can be ordered from a Full Menu located in the back of our hall.

Coffee and Tea will be available for purchase throughout the day. Water is free

Each presenter will be at a table set up out in the hallway after the event.

We invite you to stop by so we can share with you what services we offer to help you on your journey. You can make an appointment, or buy one of their books.

As things start to unfold more and more on our planet it is important to keep those people who are interested in what’s happening and why, in the loop of information. This is a safe and non judgemental space where you can feel safe

All questions are welcome.