Psychics Unite* One Day Only ! All Readings $30.00 April 8th,2018

Help us Celebrate our first day of this Special Event!         11:00-4:00

New Location- “New Berlin Ale House”- “South Hall-Use Middle Doors”

16000 W. Cleveland Ave, New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151

Grab a friend or partner and ease on down the road to where all your questions can be answered:)There’s a lot going on right now in most peoples lives , not to mention the world right now. Let us help you through life’s challenges. We all work in love and light and are here to be of  service to the community. If we can help you on your path, or enlighten you in some way, than we have done our jobs.

Here’s your chance to come and receive a reading at reduced rates!

Have lunch with friends and see where our New home is for the “Wellness Metaphysical Fairs”.

14 different Readers- The Best in the Midwest, all under one roof! One price for all readings, today only $30.00.

All Readers will have a Bio with a Photo on the front table . Sign up at the Readers table of your choice.

We have Mediums, Clairvoyants, Messages directly from spirit, Tarot cards, Astrology, Numerology , Angel cards, Palm, Tree Readings, Animal Totem, ruins,  Akashic records.

Readers for today are :

Marilyn Murphy, Doug Van Germet, Kristina Bloom, Barbara Kruck,               Darcy Mason, Lynette Cortsen, Kristie Westbrook, Ann Strong,                          Bob Harrington, Liz Figurora, Dave Sitka, Lisa Marie , Linda Chalkins and Angela Smith.

You can order lunch or a drink at the bar if you have to wait for your favorite reader.


Healing Drumming Circle & Spirit Message Circle

Saturday: May 12,  2018                                             1:00-3:00

Come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon of Healing and Messages from Spirit.

I only work in love and light, everything is for your best and highest good. If you have a Drum, rattle, flute or any instruments, please bring them with you.  We will be making some beautiful music together before doing our sacred work. If you don’t have anything to play, no worries, we will share, so everyone has a turn to play. Enjoy this beautiful music that we will make together, as the energy takes on a beautiful form all of it’s own.

Start thinking about what intention you would like to set for your personal healing . Everyone will receive a message from spirit. It’s possible you may receive several messages from different people.

Please call (414)530-5477 to R.S.V.P and to get directions.  Space is limited so please call early.   Cost: $50.00





Wellness & Metaphysical Fair ” New Location” March 4th, 2018

     ” New Location- New Berlin Ale House           ‘

      16000 W. Cleveland Ave

       New Berlin, Wisconsin  53151  -( South Hall)

       open: 11:00-4:00             Free Admission

Come and enjoy a day of Healing and Enlightenment for your over all Body, Mind and Spirit.

The energy is always warm and inviting. Grab a friend or partner and enjoy a Healing session or Massage? We offer Ascension, Reiki, Shaman release work and much more.

We invite you to relax and enjoy your day with us. Stop in, have Lunch between 12:00-3:00, enjoy a healing session or massage, A Reading or Do a little shopping?

We have the Best Readers in the Midwest under one roof!

Do you have questions that need answers? Each Reader who is working will have a Bio with a Photo, on the front table as you come in the front doors. Sign up with one of our 12 gifted readers at their table. If they have Balloons on their table that means they are working the( Tri-Fecta readings and wont be available until the end of the hour.

We offer Tri-Fecta Readings from ( 11:00-3:00) at each fair. You receive 3 different messages from 3 gifted readers for a different perspective. You choose How much time you want, sign up  & pay at the front table. Prices are (15 minutes =$30.00)  ( 30 minutes= $60.00) and up to an hour. Our readers will change every hour, so look for the Balloons to see who is working the Tri-Fecta. They will be sitting next to each other, so it’s easy for you to go from one reader to the next.

Trifecta Readers and times their working today

Barbara Kruck-11:00-12:00          Connie Kickin it-12:00-1:00

Ann Strong-11:00-12:00                 Lynette Cortsen-12:00-1:00

Bob Harrington- 11:00-12:00        Kristina Bloom-12:00-1:00

Marilyn Murphy-1:00-2:00               ” Who’s ever open- 2:00-3:00″

Doug Van Germet-1:00-2:00

Al Juerez-1:00-2:00

Numerologist*Mediums*Clairvoyants*Astrology*Animal communicators*Tarot cards * Intuitive * Angel readings *Messages from spirit* *Palm*Ruins*Akashic records, Animal Totem cards & Aura Photography with a reading.

New Vendors with one of a kind items for Sale.

Ra Moon Wands will be joining us from Chicago today! Ra & Sonya make the most beautiful wands and wall hangings I have ever seen, made from all the natural elements from mother earth. Must see to appreciate.

A large variety of Crystals, Art Work, Books signed by the Authors, on Chakras, & Dr. Tony’s Books on  Depression and Anxiety. Smudging tools, All Natural products for the over- all body Jewelry, Pendulums, Clothing,  one of a kind Tee Shirts with spiritual messages, Spiritual CD’s, Oracle cards, incense,  Sacred Joy Tea’s-yummy and so much more.

Come explore and have fun!