Diva Day’s at Hollywood’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill, Nov. 17th, 2018

W332N6629 County Road C, Nashotah, Wisconsin  53058

A celebration of all women Entrepreneurs selling their wares! A beautiful setting over looking Okauchee Lake. The food is awesome, along with the view!

I will be offering readings from 1:00-5:00 at this event. I am a Medium, Clairvoyant and Intuitive. I channel spirit Guides and Angels & Archangel Michael readings. Walk ins are welcome of course but, I do tend to fill up fast, so if you would like a reading please call: 1-262-727-7127 to book your time slot!

I look forward to this event each year! It’s so much fun! It’s pretty much a girls day! Grab some girl friends and come on out. Stop in, have a reading, do some shopping and have lunch! Looking forward to meeting you!



5 Expert Speakers talking on topics of Spiritual Enlightenment

Save the Date: Saturday, November 10th, 2018

This will be an Educational and Interactive Experience

New Berlin Ale House, 16000 W. Cleveland Ave, New Berlin, Wisconsin  53151

“South Hall ”                      Time: 11:00-4:00                  Cost: $40.00  Pay at the door

Speakers and Topics:

(1) Marilyn Murphy- Basic Ascension and the Symptoms of Ascension

(2) Anita Su Jiivana- The Importance of Nutrition in the New age

(3) Patrice (Maya)- The whole picture of the New grid for Planet Earth

(4) Kristina Bloom- Intuition 101, Managing your energy

(5) Dr.Tony Piparo- Depression and Anxiety

You might want to bring along a note book to write down information.

We will have a question and answer period after each speaker. There will be a 10 minute break after each speaker so you can stretch or use the restroom.

We will be taking a (1/2 Hr.) Lunch break after Patrice finishes her questions, so you might want to order lunch ahead of time, around 1:30

Lunch can be ordered from a Full Menu located in the back of our hall.

Coffee and Tea will be available for purchase throughout the day. Water is free

Each presenter will be at a table set up out in the hallway after the event.

We invite you to stop by so we can share with you what services we offer to help you on your journey. You can make an appointment, or buy one of their books.

As things start to unfold more and more on our planet it is important to keep those people who are interested in what’s happening and why, in the loop of information. This is a safe and non judgemental space where you can feel safe

All questions are welcome.







Meditation in the Hall of Chimes “Very Healing” Call for Dates & Times

Where is the Hall of Chimes?

In the geographical layout on the other side, it’s behind the Towers. We can go in and it looks like a gigantic cathedral. When we go in, we can stand still and the whole area dissolves. We can look up and see all the chimes. We call it the Hall of chimes.

Now, when we first took a form, when we descended from our star-chime; we looked, androgynous,( meaning)  – We had a physical characteristics of both sexes. Than we formed what we should be? That’s when we decided to be male or female. That’s when we grabbed what our theme was, what we were going to perfect for God. Up until that point, we were just sort of happy, baby chimes.

You will experience what it’s like, how you felt, what you heard, the tone you carry. You will feel the tone you carry in your soul. Feel the tone chime, the music, the color, and your vibration. As you do so, feel how healed you are, how healthy, how totally in control you are of your destiny, feel the Pride of your soul as you experience all these new and beautiful truths about yourself.

This is truly an amazing journey and profoundly healing!

Releasing Cell Memory – Call for Dates and Times

This is a channeled Meditation and it should be done everyday for a minimum of a week, in order for the sift in your body to take place.

Through this process we are going to re calibrate our cells. We are going to stop their aging  process for a while or, slow it down. You’re going to tell your cells that your 20 years younger than you are.

This is an awesome meditation and if you do it for a full week or longer , you will feel the results of this powerful shift.

Healing Drumming Circle & Spirit Message Circle

Coming in the Fall

Come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon of Healing and Messages from Spirit.

I only work in love and light, everything is for your best and highest good. If you have a Drum, rattle, flute or any instruments, please bring them with you.  We will be making some beautiful music together before doing our sacred work. If you don’t have anything to play, no worries, we will share, so everyone has a turn to play. Enjoy this beautiful music that we will make together, as the energy takes on a beautiful form all of it’s own.

Start thinking about what intention you would like to set for your personal healing . Everyone will receive a message from spirit. It’s possible you may receive several messages from different people.

Please call (414)530-5477 to R.S.V.P and to get directions.  Space is limited so please call early.   Cost: $50.00





Wellness & Metaphysical Fair ( Nov.18, 2018 ) & ( Jan. 20 & March 3, 2019)

     ” New Location- New Berlin Ale House         ” Nov.18th in the North Hall”

      16000 W. Cleveland Ave,New Berlin, Wisconsin  53151  -North Hall

       open: 11:00-4:00             Free Admission

Come and enjoy a day of Healing and Enlightenment for your over all Body, Mind and Spirit.

The energy is always warm and inviting. Grab a friend or partner and enjoy a Healing session. We offer Ascension, Reiki, Shaman release work and Sound healing.

We invite you to relax and enjoy your day with us. Stop in, have Lunch between 12:00-3:00, Full Menu, order at the back of our Hall.  Enjoy a Healing session, Have a Reading or Do a little shopping?

We have the Best Readers in the Midwest under one roof!

Do you have questions that need answers? Each Reader who is working will have a Bio with a Photo, on the front table as you come in the front doors. Sign up with one of our 12 gifted readers at their table. If they have Balloons on their table that means they are working the( Tri-Fecta readings) and wont be available until the end of the hour.

We offer Tri-Fecta Readings from ( 11:00-3:00) at each fair. You receive 3 different messages from 3 gifted readers for a different perspective. You choose How much time you want, sign up  & pay at the front table. Prices are (15 minutes =$30.00)  ( 30 minutes= $60.00) and up to an hour. Our readers will change every hour, so look for the Balloons to see who is working the Tri-Fecta. They will be sitting next to each other, so it’s easy for you to go from one reader to the next.

Trifecta Readers and times their working today will be announced as we get closer to the fair date.


Numerologist*Mediums*Clairvoyants*Astrology*Animal communicators

*Tarot cards * Intuitive * Angel readings * Messages from spirit *Palm

*Ruins and Akashic records.

New Vendors with one of a kind items.

Books signed by the Author, Dr. Tony Piparo on  Depression and Anxiety, Smudging tools, crystals, All Natural products for the over- all body, Jewelry, scarves, Pendulums, Clothing,  Spiritual CD’s, Oracle cards, and incense.

Come explore and have fun!